Prebiotic Fiber Powder

Prebiotic Fiber Powder

$19.99 per pound
90 servings per pound (5 grams per serving)

Pure chicory inulin

No fillers, binders, flow agents, anti-clumping agents, surfactants, colloids, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or any other additives

A prebiotic is a nondigestible food, such as fiber, that seems to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

Chicory inulin is a soluble fiber that has been shown to nourish good bacteria in the gut and stimulate proliferation. It is considered the gold standard in prebiotics. As a prebiotic, it has been shown to support the microbiome in the colon by serving as a sort of ‘food’ for microbes. In fact, chicory inulin is considered the gold standard in “food” for good bacteria.

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